M&U Staff : Alireza Eslami

Alireza Eslami – Petrology and Geochemistry Researcher 

“As a researcher and consultant at M&U sasu, his aim is to better understand geodynamic evolution of Zagros ophiolites in Iran by using both geological observations and geochemical signatures”

Short Bio

Alireza joined M&U sasu in June 2022 after finishing his PhD at the University of Grenoble-Alpes (France) where he investigated mobility of Cr, Fe, Al and Cu during hydrothermal alteration of serpentinized peridotites from Tethyan ophiolites. His PhD project aimed to better constrain Fe and Cr fluxes at scales ranging from nanometers to kilometers in Tethyan ophiolites. His research interests relate to understanding the magmatic and post-magmatic processes in ophiolites with emphasis on the evolution of the Tethyan oceanic upper mantle and ore mineralization. His research approach was a combination of petrographic observations, instrumental analytics and geochemical modelling.

Alireza hold a bachelor’s in Geology from the University of Isfahan (Iran) and a master’s degree in Economic Geology from the Tarbiat Modares University (Iran).

Selected Contributions
  • Eslami, A., Malvoisin, B., Brunet, F., Kananian, A., Bach, W., Grieco, G., Cavallo, A., Gatta, D.G., 2021. Podiform magnetite ore(s) in the Sabzevar ophiolite (NE Iran): Oceanic hydrothermal alteration of a chromite deposit . Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology 176, 43.
  • Eslami, A., Borghini, G., Montanini, A., Grieco, G., Marchesi, C., 2021. Petrological constraints on the origin of pyroxenite dykes in the lithospheric mantle of the Cheshmeh-Bid ophiolitic massif, Southern Iran. Ofioliti 46 (1), 63-81.
  • Eslami, A., Malvoisin, B., Grieco, G., Aradi, L.E., Marchesi, C., Cavallo, A., Montanini, A., Borghini, G., Mathur,, R., Ikehata, K., Davis, D.W., Li, C-H., Szabó, C., 2021. Naive copper formation associated with serpentinization in the Cheshmeh-Bid ophiolite massif (Southern Iran). Lithos 382-383, 105953.
  • Grieco, G., Bussolesi, M., Eslami, A., Gentile, A., Cavallo, A., Lian, D., Yang, J., Ghaseminejad, F., 2020. Differential platinum group elements (PGE) re-mobilization at low fS2 in Abdasht and Soghan mafic-ultramafic complexes (Southern Iran). Lithos, 366-367.
  • Eslami, A., Arai, S., Miura, M., Mackizadeh, M.A., 2018. Metallogeny of the mantle-hosted magnetite ores of the Nain ophiolite, Central Iran: implications for high mobility and re-concentration of Fe promoted by multi-episodic serpentinization . Ore Geology Reviews 95, 80-694.
  • Eslami, A., Ghaderi, M., Griffin, W.L., Gain, S., Grieco, G., González-Jiménez, J.M., 2015. Magmatic and post-magmatic signatures of chromian spinels in podiform chromitites from the Cheshmeh-Bid chromitite deposit, Khajeh-Jamali ophiolitic massifs, Iran. Ofioliti, 40(2): 91-106.

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