M&U supports Natural Hydrogen Explo!

That’s now official. M&U is proudly fueling Natural Hydrogen Exploration!

It rewards 5 years of pioneering Research inherited from the CONVERGENCE program that we internally turned into an exploration strategy. We combine Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics to lay the Foundation of an Exploration Workflow.

For assessing Natural Hydrogen generative system(s), we identify areas with H2 indicators, we evaluate “initial potential” Vs “yet to react” of generative kitchen(s), we investigate and monitor fluid pathways from source to leaking sites and identify potential prospects to drill on their way to surface.

We’re not choosing between “top-to-bottom” and “bottom-to-top” approaches at M&U, we’re just combining them to generate opportunities and value for our Clients since 2021.

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R&D Projects on Natural Hydrogen

To further develop solutions for our Clients, we make internal R&D investments on the following topics:

  • Evaluation of Natural H2 generative potential of kitchens (Initial Vs Yet to React). This is based on mineral geochemistry combined with Geophysics and Geology.
  • Global evaluation of Natural H2 geo-systems (“Green” Vs “Pink” kitchen-sourced).
  • Prospect Generation and Maturation workflows.
  • Natural H2 pathway from kitchens to surface combining geophysics, geology and surface gas detection: We proudly provide to our clients prospects with different levels of maturity).
  • Global review of high-potential areas (Geology has no borders!).
  • Large-scale 3D thermo-mechanical and geodynamic modeling of favorable generative contexts.

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