M&U Staff: Suzon Jammes

Suzon Jammes – Researcher and Consultant @ M&U sas

As a researcher and consultant at M&U, my goal is to use a multiscale and multidisciplinary approach combining geological, geophysical and numerical modelling to understand deformation processes at lithospheric scale and their interaction with surface processes and magmatism. Constrained by geological and geophysical observation acquired in collaboration with the rest of the team, numerical models are used to help us understanding the thermodynamic evolution of a system and reinforce our capacity in predicting subsurface geological records of complex area“.

Short Bio

Suzon started her academic career as a Phd student at the University of Strasbourg studying the extensional processes and their reactivation in the Bay of Biscay and the Pyrenees. With her precursor investigations, she initiated a geologicalMarginal revolution within the Pyrenees that has been influencing a decade of international research initiatives. During her post-doctoral research projects (University of Bergen and University of Texas at Austin), she developed her numerical modelling skills to deepen her understanding of deformation processes (in extension and compression) at lithospheric scale. While continuing modeling rifting processes, Suzon started to teach at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in 2015 before joining M&U in 2021. Her skills and commitment to push forward knowledge in Geosciences is perfectly fitting with M&U’s philosophy to create value for both our industry and academic partners.

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