What is M&U?

M&U sasu, is a Research, Consulting and Service company in the field of Geosciences.

Fueled by our Research in Geosciences, M&U provides Geoscience services to support exploration of Geo-resources worldwide both onshore and offshore. We develop, provide and apply new methods for our partners to derisk their exploration on rift and orogenic settings. We are proud to combine Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry to deliver new concepts, cutting edge geo-analyses and predictive tools for upstream E&P energy and mining sectors. Based on unique outcropping analogues and proprietary softwares, we develop and provide dedicated trainings and field-trips for exploration companies in Europe, East Mediterranean and Middle East regions.

We are recognized experts of multi-scale & multi-method seismic interpretation combined with  quantitative QCs (e.g. potential field data inversion, thermo-mechanical & kinematic numerical experiments). Structurally complex areas are our preferred study cases such as hyper-extended rifts, transform and magma-rich margins and their deformed equivalents outcropping in mountain belts. The Atlantic from North to South, the Caribbeans-Gulf of Mexico, East-Med, Northern Red Sea, Middle-East fold and thrust belts, Alpine orogens and their surrounding rifts are our daily playgrounds. We work every day to reveal unexpected Cu-Ni-Au-V-Co ores, develop native Hydrogen and frontier hydrocarbon plays, provide opportunities for mineral carbon capture and geothermal energy. This is our contribution to face the energy transition challenge that we see as an outstanding opportunity for the future of Geosciences.