What is M&U?

M&U sasu, is a Research & Consulting company in the field of Geology.

M&U aims at developing knowledge on frontiers domains of rifted margins and mountain belts as well as providing new accurate concepts/methods to define/unrisk their potential exploration(s) values. This activity is done through internal research projects and collaborations in both academic and industry worlds.

Major industry frontier exploration issues actually correspond to fundamental unknowns in academic Geosciences. Behind each usual tool and workflows are “black boxes” with techniques derived from concepts that are not valid in all geological contexts. Thus, to develop new predictive tools first requires to define fundamental issues to be tackled by Geoscience Research.

Concisely, to better imbricate academic and industry research with common questions and targets is essential to create values for everyone. This is less an activity than a founding philosophy for M&U.

CEO is Emmanuel Masini, PhD., a structural geologist specialist of rifted margins and their deformed equivalent in mountain belts.