The Caribbean Project

“Caribbeans: Rethinking the subduction and collisional dynamics in respect of the Protocaribbean divergence template”

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Did you ever question yourself about what could be the impact of magma-rich or a transform margin template for convergence dynamics? How a segmented (i.e. non cylindrical) rifted margin template is interacting with a subduction?

This is what we are investigating in the Caribbean sensu lato since 2019 with the use of recent outcomes and learnings from European Alpine orogens (e.g. Alps, Pyrenees, Oman…). In this research project we investigate topics such as nucleation of subductions, dynamics of a retreating subduction within a non-cylindrical rift template and collisional processes involving magma-rich and transform margins. We combine seismic interpretations and geophysics quantitative analysis with our industry and academic partners.

M&U Project Leader

Júlia Gómez-Romeu


  • Duration: 2019 – 2022
  • Fundings: M&U & Industry Partners
  • Methods & Data: Seismic interpretations, Quantitative analysis techniques, structural geology, sedimentary geology, endogenous & metamorphic petrology.
  • Impacts: O&G industry (new venture exploration), H2 & Noble Gas Exploration.
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