Academic Papers

2021 Publications (8)
  • Barré, G., Fillon, C., Ducoux, M ., Gaucher, E.C., Mouthereau, F. & Calassou S. (2021). Fluid circulations related to the North Pyrenean Frontal Thrust activity: coupling of structural analysis to geochemical and thermochronological studies. BSGF – Earth Sciences Bulletin, Vol: 200063.
  • Ducoux, M., Jolivet, L., Masini, E., Augier, R., Lahfid, A., Bernet, M., Calassou, S. (2021). Distribution and intensity of High-Temperature Low-Pressure metamorphism across the Pyrenean-Cantabrian belt: constraints on the thermal record of the pre-orogenic hyperextension rifting, BSGF – Earth Sciences Bulletin Vol: 200063.
  • Angrand, P., Ford, M., Ducoux, M., de Saint Blanquat, M. (2021). Extension and early orogenic inversion along the basal detachment of a hyperextended rifted margin: an example from the Central Pyrenees (France). Journal of the Geological Society.
  • Lefeuvre, N., Truche, L., Donzé, F. V., Ducoux, M., Barré, G., Fakoury, R. A., … & Gaucher, E. C. (2021). Native H2 exploration in the western Pyrenean foothills. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, e2021GC009917.
  • Ducoux, M., Masini, E., Tugend, J., Gómez-Romeu, J., & Calassou, S. (2021). Basement-decoupled hyperextension rifting: The tectono-stratigraphic record of the salt-rich Pyrenean necking zone (Arzacq Basin, SW France). GSA Bulletin.
  • Ducoux M., Jolivet, L., Cagnard, F., Baudin, T. (2021). Basement-cover decoupling during the inversion of a hyperextended basin: insights from the Eastern Pyrenees. Tectonics 40: e2020TC006512,
  • Jolivet, L., Romagny, A., Gorini, C., Maillard, A., Thinon, I., Couëffé, R., Ducoux, M. & Seranne, M. (2020). Fast dismantling of a mountain belt by mantle flow: late-orogenic evolution of Pyrenees and Liguro-Provençal rifting. Tectonophysics, 776, 228312.
  • Bessière, E., Jolivet, L., Augier, R., Scaillet, S., Précigout, J., Azañon, J. M., Crespo-Blanc A., Masini, E. & Do Couto, D. (2021). Lateral variations of pressure-temperature evolution in non-cylindrical orogens and 3-D subduction dynamics: the Betic-Rif Cordillera example. BSGF-Earth Sciences Bulletin, 192(1), 8.
2020 Publications (4)
  • Angrand, P., Mouthereau, F., Masini, E., & Asti, R. (2020). A reconstruction of Iberia accounting for Western Tethys–North Atlantic kinematics since the late-Permian–Triassic. Solid Earth, 11(4), 1313-1332.
  • Gómez-Romeu, J., Kusznir, N., Roberts, A., & Manatschal, G. (2020). Measurements of the extension required for crustal breakup on the magma-poor Iberia-Newfoundland conjugate margins. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 104403.
  • Jolivet, L., Romagny, A., Gorini, C., Maillard, A., Thinon, I., Couëffé, R., Ducoux, M; & Seranne, M. (2020). Fast dismantling of a mountain belt by mantle flow: Late-orogenic evolution of Pyrenees and Liguro-Provençal rifting. Tectonophysics, 776, 228312.
  • Larrey, M., Mouthereau, F., Masini, E., Huyghe, D., Gaucher, E. C., Virgone, A., & Miegebielle, V. (2020). Quaternary tectonic and climate changes at the origin of travertine and calcrete in the eastern Betics (Almería region, SE Spain). Journal of the Geological Society, 177(5), 939-954.
2019 Publications (8)
  • Aubourg C., Jackson M., Ducoux M., Mansour M. (2019) Magnetite-out and pyrrhotite-in temperatures in shales and slates. Terra Nova. 2019;31:534–539.
  • Bahnan A., Carpentier C., Pironon J., Gaucher E. C., Ducoux M., G. Barré (2019). Impact of geodynamics on fluid circulation and diagenesis of carbonate reservoirs in a foreland basin: example of the Upper Lacq reservoir (Aquitaine basin, SW France). Marine and Petroleum Geology
  • Ducoux, M., Jolivet, L., Callot, J. P., Aubourg, C., Masini, E., Lahfid, A., … & Baudin, T. (2019). The Nappe des Marbres unit of the Basque‐Cantabrian Basin: the tectono‐thermal evolution of a fossil hyperextended rift basin. Tectonics.
  • Gómez-Romeu, J., Masini, E.,Tugend, J., Ducoux, M., & Kusznir, N. (2019). Role of rift structural inheritance in orogeny highlighted by the Western Pyrenees case-study. Tectonophysics. Download here.
  • Jourdon, A., Le Pourhiet, L., Mouthereau, F., & Masini, E. (2019). Role of rift maturity on the architecture and shortening distribution in mountain belts. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 512, 89-99.
  • Lescoutre, R., Tugend, J., Brune, S., Masini, E., & Manatschal, G. (2019). Thermal evolution of asymmetric hyperextended magma‐poor rift systems: results from numerical modelling and Pyrenean field observations. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.
  • Peron-Pinvidic, G., Manatschal, G., and the IMAGinING RIFTING Workshop Participants. (2019). Rifted Margins: State of the Art and Future Challenges. Frontiers in Earth Science. 7:218.
  • Quesnel, B., Boiron, M. C., Cathelineau, M., Truche, L., Rigaudier, T., Bardoux, G., Masini, E. & Gaucher, E. C. (2019). Nature and Origin of Mineralizing Fluids in Hyperextensional Systems: The Case of Cretaceous Mg Metasomatism in the Pyrenees. Geofluids, 2019.
2018 Publications (3)
  • Chevrot, S., Sylvander, M., Diaz, J., Martin, R., Mouthereau, F., Manatschal, G.,  Masini, E., Calassou, S., Grimaud, F., Pauchet, H. & Ruiz, M. (2018). The non-cylindrical crustal architecture of the Pyrenees. Scientific reports, 8(1), 9591.
  • Etheve, N., Mohn, G., Frizon de Lamotte, D., Roca, E., Tugend, J., and Gómez-Romeu, J. (2018). Extreme Mesozoic crustal thinning in the Eastern Iberia margin: The example of the Columbrets Basin (Valencia Trough). Tectonics, v. 37, no. 2, p. 636-662.
  • Polychronopoulou, K., Lois, A., Martakis, N., Chevrot, S., Sylvander, M., Diaz, J., Masini, E., … & Bitri, A. (2018). Broadband, short-period or geophone nodes? Quality assessment of Passive Seismic signals acquired during the Maupasacq experiment. First Break, 36(4), 71-75.