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M&U is providing to industry and academic partners different services.

1 – Geology consulting on rifted margins and their implications for mountain belts. M&U mostly uses seismic, non-seismic and field analogue data. Keywords are: Frontier exploration domains, implications of hyper-extension on syn/post-rift basin evolutions (sedimentary, environmental, thermal, magmatic and fluids evolutions).

2 – Research collaborations, fundamental or applied on Rifted margins, rifting to drifting processes, subduction initiation & inversion of margins modalities in so-called early orogenesis.

3 – Courses on rifting processes, rifted margins architectures and variabilities, their interpretations and their consequence for basin evolution. . This is based on a review of available data/concepts, our experiences and M&U research collaborations & internal research. Interpretation session can be organized. Field trips are also developed on onshore analogues for explorationists.

4 – Academic research program management: to make industry-funded research projects success, cutting edge scientific results is not enough. To monitor, manage and integrate results is necessary to face expectations from industry. This intermediate position between academic and industry worlds is often missing (human ressources and adapted profiles). This is one of the possible contributions of M&U. This is ongoing through the Orogen Research Program.

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