M&U Scientific Highlights

Basement-Cover decoupled hyper-extension

Sci-lights 21-02 is online ! A new paper of M&U describes the tectono-stratigraphic record of basement-cover decoupled hyper-extension along a salt-rich necking zone (Arzacq Basin, Pyrenees, France). We did not resist to make a Sci-Light online article to tease you what are the unexpected consequences of this new type of rift basin…

M&U Talks @ Convergence Conference

Sci-Lights 21-01: M&U participated at the Convergence Closure Seminar and made scientific presentations. Videos of these talks can be found here as well as answers to the questions asked during the seminar. More to come soon 🙂

Pyrenees revealing the genetic affinity between Rifting & Orogenesis

Sci-Lights 20-01: Gómez-Romeu et al. (2019) proposed that the different orogenic stages recorded within the Pyrenees depends on the sequential inversion of different rift domains. It states that the orogenic evolution is already fated by the rifting record.


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