Exploring the Tectono-stratigraphic architecture of a missing case of hyper-extended rift basin: A new M&U Paper !

Maxime Ducoux from M&U authored a paper exploring one of the remaining unexplored hyper-extension scenario: Basement-Decoupled hyper-extended rift basin. Entitled “Basement-decoupled hyperextension rifting: The tectono-stratigraphic record of the salt-rich Pyrenean necking zone (Arzacq Basin, SW France)”, this paper explores the tectono-stratigraphic consequences of a pre-kinematic weak layer such as salt during the formation of magma-poor distal rifted margins (necking zones & hyper-extended domains). This study takes the benefits of the preserved Arzacq rift Basin today buried underneath the NW Pyrenean foreland (SW France) and uses both surface and subsurface data in 3D. It highlights the fundamental consequences of such a rifting scenario for their worldwide exploration and for their inversion during orogenesis.

We did not resist to make a dedicated Sci-Lights online article available HERE !

M&U @ Convergence Conference

Last week was the Convergence Conference that was closing 5 years of fruitful research within the OROGEN Research program. M&U was represented by Emmanuel Masini (Manu) & Maxime Ducoux. Manu, as the OROGEN project leader, presented a summary of OROGEN’s main discoveries and gave perspectives they opened for future research. Maxime was invited to present a new compilation of surface and subsurface thermal data of the Pyrenean hyper-extended rift system. Such a 4D record offers an unique opportunity to unravel the thermal evolution of ultra deep offshore rift domains under new venture exploration (e.g. South Atlantic, GoM…). Contact us for more details !

Happy New Year !

M&U Team is wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2021 Year !

“We will find a way, or we will create one” – Hannibal

2020 was a challenging and impacting year for our community but also for our lives. More than ever, it demonstrates the necessity to change, adapt and find new ways for our common future. There we find again a perfect fit with our founding principles: “Geology by Research”. With the same determination and passionated way to deal with our common Geo-challenges, we’re committed to make this changing world a source of opportunities for all of us and for the future of Geosciences.

We wish you an enthusiastic, passionated and healthy 2021 year that will be full of opportunities of working together at making great Geology !

IMAGinING RIFTING Workshop 19’

One week of intense sharing setting future of our research on rift to drift processes. Thanks to all of the IRW19’ outstanding community and can’t wait for the next workshop…


  • 45 participants
  • 80% academic / 20% industry researchers👩‍💻👨‍💻
  • 10+ nationalities (AUS, CAN, CH, CN, DE, FR, NL, NO, SP, UK, US).🗺✈️
  • 5/6 days of rain 🙁 🌧🌂
  • ~350km of field trip across the Pyrenean rift 🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌
  • 30 bottles of wine for the wine tasting 🍷