M&U Staff: Former Staff

Former Staff

Alireza Eslami – Petrology and Geochemistry Researcher

Alireza was in charge of two new prospective topics at M&U. His first challenge was to extend M&U discoveries done in the Middle East around Arabia with a special focus on the petrological records of rifting and obduction. His second challenge was to draft the first step of a new proprietary workflow to quantitively evaluate the (past and present) potential of Hydrogen Source Rocks.

Souhila MEGHERBI (Master 2 Student)

Souhila carried out her Master 2 internship (February-July 2020) at M&U sasu in collaboration with the ISTerre institute (University of Grenoble, France). Her project focused on the tectono-stratigraphic and metamorphic analysis of onshore suture zones of the north-eastern part of the Caribbean region.

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