“Oro-Genetics: Rethinking Orogenic diversity through the Wilson Cycle

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As far they look so different at all scales, one of the most resilient dogma in Earth Sciences is that all belts are different and should be understood individually and regionally. This is what we’re committed to challenge in the “Oro-Genetics” project.


Rooted on the recent discoveries on the Western Europe Orogenic systems and combining results from our natural laboratories (West European orogenic systems, Oman mountains, Caribbeans…) M&U aims at exploring the DNA of mountain belts to understand their intra- and inter-orogenic diversity. How do we do that? By linking their present-day geological record with their pre-orogenic divergent templates, and by denoising regional inherited specificities from genetic parameters… Back to basics to simplify the apparent orogenic complexity: this is what M&U and collaborators are committed to !

M&U Project Leader

Emmanuel Masini


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