Imagining Rifting Workshop 19′

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IMAGinING RIFTING Season 2: Biarritz

The next  IMAGinING RIFTING workshop will be held in Biarritz (France) from the 20th (evening) to 25th  (mid day) of October 2019.

Following the success of the first edition organized in September 2017 in Pontresina, this second edition also aims at gathering cutting edge Earth scientists in a pluridisciplinary meeting on rifted margins and extensional settings more generally.

Gathering geologists and geophysicists from both Academy and Industry, this meeting aims to trigger discussions that are at the forefront of the present-day research.


The workshop will be open to 45 participants max. In addition to invited keynotes (list to come), other geoscientists will be welcome to attend the workshop through a short contribution (short 5′ talks and/or poster).

The workshop will be articulated around:

  1. 30′ keynote presentations on key topics triggering current research on rifting processes (mechanisms of lithospheric thinning, rift-to-drift processes, magmatism, sedimentation, thermal evolution…)
  2. Discussion sessions / roundtables between all participants
  3. Field trips in the nearby Mauléon and Basque-Cantabrian inverted hyper-extended rift Basins.

More details here.

The list of keynote speakers is available here.

Conference Fees

A fee of 235€/day for 5 days (1175€ VAT included) will cover:

– Hotel full board from 20th dinner to 25th lunch, at the Radisson Blu Biarritz.

– Conference room booking,

– Field trip organization and field guide prints.

Payment may be done by wire transfer in EUR or by credit card pending an extra 3,5% fee. Invoices will be delivered after payment and can be considered as a firm confirmation of your registration.

More info on Conference Fees & Payment procedure here.

Application & Registration

As only 45 participants will attend this workshop, we kindly ask you to use the application form before final registration. Each participant should propose a contribution as a poster and/or a short 5′ talk format to actively contribute to the discussions. Deadline for Application is April 12Given the restricted number of participants, a selection might have to be done as a function of the proposed contributions and to preserve a fair diversity of institution/companies.

Then, a first-come, first-served basis will be applied on the received applications !

 Applicate here

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